Product Reviews

Tacklife HD60 (196 Ft):

​This is a great option in the category of laser measure devices (LMD).  This model has a lot of similar features of other devices.  It allows for:

-Single Distance Measuring

-Continuous Measuring

-Area Measurements

-Storage of up to three consecutive measurements


The backlit display is bright and easy to read, and I love that there is a horizontal and vertical level bubble built into the device.  The battery life has been great so far.  The option to turn the volume of the beep on or off is another thoughtful touch that sets this level apart. 

The only real negative I found with this LMD compared to others available is that it only reads down to 1/16th of an inch vs 1/32nd of an inch like some others I have used.  This isn’t overly important, but it does prevent use of the Tacklife HD60 when doing more intricate trimwork.

Overall I love this product and plan on keeping it in my toolbelt as an everyday carry.


                    *I was provided this LMD free of charge from the manufacturer in exchange for my honest review of this product.*